Mongol 333 Corporation has over 15 years’ expertise on construction and construction management, investment, infrastructure and architecture design, diversified operation at construction industry. Within this rich experience, we are adding values by aligning innovative solution as well as Excellency & quality centred performance all throughout the projects and programs. We drive into advantages that would bring us speed, efficiency and impact, creativity with an approach of continuous advancement and growth.

Mongol 333 corporation

Delivering innovated and creative solutions for our current and future our businesses.


To be Mongolia’s leading Professional Engineering, Architecture Design and Construction, Technical management team that can increase profit value to current and future our businesses.


01. Safety and Security We stand firm with Safety & Security of our people and clients

02. Business ethics and Integrity We stand firm with Safety & Security of our people and clients

03. Excellency and Accountability We pursue Excellence and accountability for businesses and acquaintances

04. Team Work We encourage teamwork that lead to innovative and creative solutions

Mongol 333 corporation
Business Ethics and

We, Mongol 333 Corporation pursue Ethics and integrity throughout our relationship with our people and clients. Pursuing Business ethics and integrity help, us set certain principles into our company culture. These principles guides our values and behaviours, decisions of our company.


We, Mongol 333 Corporation value innovation ideas and solution throughout our projects and program. Pursuing Innovation help, us set certain principle into to our company businesses. The principles guides us be curios and creative, continuous progress toward new trends and technology.